In a possible bid to push the sales of its Kindle e-book readers, Amazon India has introduced a new trial offer on Kindles which allows consumers to purchase them from, use it for two weeks and then return it for a full refund, if they are not satisfied enough.

Amazon notes that this offer is valid on the latest Kindle Paperwhite 3G, Kindle Paperwhite and the basic non-touchscreen Kindle and is available until 23rd July, 2014. This offer is however limited to only one device per customer. Customer will also be charged for the device upfront and the refund will apparently be made either by cheque or a bank transfer within 3-5 days of the device return.

It’s worth noting that the standard return period for Kindle devices is only seven days in India, which we feel is quite short. In comparison, Amazon offers a 30 days return period in the United States and United Kingdom.

Why is the company doing this?

It’s worth noting that Amazon devices, be it Kindle e-book readers or its Android tablets primarily act as storefronts for Amazon’s various content services. It prices these devices quite at almost margin or sometimes even at a loss, to earn back the revenue from its digital services.

Therefore, it would be critical for Amazon to have a large customer base of Kindle devices, which in turn will result in more digital sales for the company.

Through this promotion, the company is probably hoping for users to try out the device once and get used to the reading experience on a Kindle, as compared to reading a physical book or other e-book readers.

Having used a Kindle for a short period earlier this year, I can tell you that the book reading experience is really good on the device and it would certainly appeal for consumers who love reading books. Hence, we are a bit curious to see how this promotion works out for the company.

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(with inputs from Vikas SN)