As we turn 6, we’re increasingly aware of how the industry we operate in and cover is changing: data consumption is increasing, and while only those with blinkers would believe the numbers that motivated research throws up, there is growth in consumption, and it appears to be significant. We also know, because there are more stories for us to do each day, and even more stories that we’d like to do, but can’t, because of resource constraints.

We know one thing, for sure – digital (both Internet and Mobile) is the industry that is going to transform this country, and every single industry is going to be impacted by digital, be it the obvious sectors like entertainment, publishing, television, healthcare and education, or less obvious ones like agriculture, real estate and automobiles. I’ve always likened digital to water: digital content and services take the shape of the platforms they’re poured into, but they’ll also seep through the cracks of even the sectors that are the most resistant to change. In terms of breadth, depth and impact, no sector offers as much opportunity.

Our mandate is to have breadth, depth and impact in this domain, and to help expand your horizons by expanding ours. We will continue to critique and explain, in the interest of helping build an open, fair and competitive digital ecosystem in India. We will continue to be the benchmark for the coverage of the digital sector in this country.

We have much to do in the coming years, in order to help you understand your space better. However, our ability to do more is significantly restricted by the resources at our disposal, both in terms of the availability of the right kind of people, and our ability to bring them on board. Turning non-profit or raising funding have been options – on two occasions, we were tempted – but we’re vary of losing the freedom to chart our own course, say the things we want to say and do the things we want to do, without fear or favor. This is something our advertisers, without whose support we wouldn’t be around, understand as well, and we respect them for that.

We’re proud to be digital, but also guarded against the hubris being generated by some of the coverage we see around us. That is dangerous and irresponsible, and doesn’t augur well for the health of the digital ecosystem, and is something we will not do. Instead, our approach, once things are stable, will be to dig deeper and highlight the challenges that this space faces. We will go back to doing some of the things we used to well, and make a stronger push towards research to bring more depth to what we do.

The more we do, the more you get to work with. As I’d mentioned when we’d turned one – we’re in this together. As you grow older, birthdays are no longer about you, but about the people you care for, and those who find joy in your growth, success (and survival).

We’ve done almost 9500 stories so far. We’ve always been about a body of work, rather than a story, but if there’s a story on MediaNama that has made a difference to you, do let us know in the comments, message us (, or let us know here or here.

Thanks for your support.