The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has created a website that allows road users to check how much it would cost them in toll charges while travelling from one city to another.

Do note that the service has been built on top of Google Maps and not using ISRO’s Bhuvan. It lets you type in the starting and ending destinations, based on which the site will display the fastest route, along with the toll you will need to pay. There is also an option to select the vehicle you will be travelling in, as it affects the toll charged. For example, if you’re travelling from Bangalore to Delhi, you’ll end up paying Rs 1,960 in toll fees if you’re travelling by a car or jeep.

Apart from showing the shortest route, you also have the option of clicking on any of the toll icons to see the toll fares charged. The same information can be accessed via SMS as well. You’ll have to SMS 56070 with this template: TIS < State >< NH No. > to get all toll plaza(s) and ID No. applicable for all toll plazas on select NH within selected State. TIS < Toll Plaza ID >to get applicable toll rates on a particular toll plaza.

NHAI’s tool also differentiates between tolls run for projects that were public funded and those that were built in association with private companies under build-operate-transfer model. Do note that these tolls are colour coded.