vservMobile ad exchange Vserv is adding native advertising formats for apps and publishers in news and information category in this quarter, after which it will roll out the feature to utility category.

Vserv founder and CEO Dippak Khurana told Medianama that native ads have been around in mobile mostly for gaming category till now. The only complication lies in figuring out the right native advertisement format for each category. “Native ads for information related content will be different from a site that has cricket scores and it will be different for a music app,” Khurana says.

“Typically a native ad will have a user experience that is specific to a site. In case of media sites, they will be like advertorials in a newspaper. Taking the same philosophy, native ads give ad units the look and feel that is similar to that of the property. We had launched Appwrapper with such units for launch and exit of apps. But those were used mostly by gaming customers. What we are really doing now is taking it further and taking native to non-gaming assets,” Khurana said.

While launching native advertising, the company will also launch tools that publishers can use to customize these ads to match their site’s content. “Potentially if I go to Medianama, we could provide different elements of the ad and let the publisher place elements — thumbnail, call to action, text and multiple color templates around it — in a way that is configurable by the publisher. This is about getting seamless look and feel to my property, so you come extremely close to making the ad unit look closer to the property. It will be provided in an automated tool,” he says.

The company had created mobile apps for several publishers as part of an ‘appification’ programme and this feature should be on these apps when they launch native ads according to Khurana. “We have server-to-server connection with other non-appification publishers as well, so even they should have it within a month from launch,” he adds.