TwitterIt looks like Twitter has stopped supporting outbound SMS service in India, reports NextBigWhat. We’re trying to confirm whether this is a temporary glitch or a permanent move. Twitter usually announces such moves, but they haven’t revealed any information this time.

Twitter offers a service using which people can link their mobile device to their Twitter account. You can send a text message containing your Tweet to a short code in your country, and the Tweet gets posted on to your Twitter profile. This feature comes handy when you have no data connection and came into limelight during the Egypt protests when Internet access was blocked, and also during hurricane Sandy.

In India however, the feature has been removed. If you try to access the mobile section under Twitter settings, you find most carriers names still listed. However, the response to selecting each of these is, “Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your carrier yet”.

We checked Twitter’s Supported Mobile Carriers‘ page and we found that India was not even listed on it. When local carriers are not supported, it also means you cannot link your phone to your account. Due to this, Indians won’t be able to use two-step authentication to secure Twitter accounts.

It is possible that the service was dropped due to TRAI guidelines on sending bulk SMS. The company had deals with companies like Airtel and RCom for sending out SMS. It is possible that these deals were cancelled eventually due to the restrictions imposed by the guidelines or they were never renewed. When we contacted Twitter to find out more about the issue, the company refused to respond.

Update: Some Airtel customers who have already added their number to Twitter are able to use 2-step authentication.