MeshLabsBangalore-based startup MeshLabs, a text mining and social engagement provider has been acquired by US-based Pegasystems, reports NextBigWhat. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

MeshLabs was incubated at IIM-Bangalore by Global INcubation SERVices (GINSERV). Its text analytics and social engagement platform processes and extracts relevant facts from any text-based content, regardless of its source, type, and channel of origin. Often, valuable customer feedback is locked-up in traditional internal CRM systems and social media. MeshLabs’ solution can be used by enterprises to create a unified view of this content, which can be analysed using the company’s reporting and visualization interface, or with traditional BI tools.

After the merger, the Meshlabs’ team will join Pegasystems. With this acquisition, Pegasystems will add MeshLabs’ social listening, text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) to its portfolio. The integrated solution will help clients to gather unstructured data from social media to create business insights. They can also use these solutions to monitor and respond to social content across various channels.

MeshLabs was founded in 2009 by Venkatesh Rao (CEO), Sampath Herga (chief of product engineering), Arijit Mitra (chief product owner) and Shantanu Gudihal. Some of MeshLabs’s existing clients are Wipro, Ogilvy, Genpact and IMRB.

Pegasystems’s existing solutions include Business Process Management (BPM), multi-channel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and adaptive analytics to engage customers and simplify operations. Some of its known clients are Telstra, Vodafone, Bank of America, HSBC, ING, Cisco and Catamaran.

Last year, Pegasystems acquired mobility solutions-provider Antenna Software and combined its backend-as-a-service with business process management solutions