nazaraMobile games company Nazara Technologies has tied-up with digital celebrity network Fluence to create games based on Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan.

Till now Indian game developers have concentrated on getting the rights of Bollywood movies and making games based on those. These deals are very expensive and the developer does not have much creative freedom while working on those games. They need to clear each game idea with the production house and modify the game to fit the movie’s story. Developers however will not have such limitations while working on games based on celebrities.

This is not the first time Nazara has tied-up with a celebrity to make games around them. Back in 2005, it had signed a deal worth over $3 million with Sachin Tendulkar to make mobile games over a three year period. It is not clear if the new deals are also limited by time or by the number of games that can be made around these stars. It is also not clear for how long the deal is valid.

According to The Economic Times, Nazara will launch three free games each of Khan and Bachchan over the next year. These games will be monetized with advertisements and sponsorship. The companies have not disclosed if these actors would gain any share of the revenue made from the game, or if they were paid an upfront fee for the rights, or both.

Fluence handles digital identities of several celebrities and it had created the Twitter and Facebook profiles for Rajinikanth yesterday. Speaking to Medianama, VP Digital & Business Head at Fluence, Ashish Joshi had said that the company will look to securing more IP rights for stars in the future. “For movie based games IP stays with the producer of the movie, but with such games the stars get the IP,” he had said.

We’ve contacted Nazara and Fluence for more information about the deal and will update the post as soon as we hear back from them.