MapmyIndiaGPS navigation and location apps provider MapMyIndia has introduced a new version of its maps – version 9.0 bringing in features like single-line predictive search, better regional maps coverage and improved maps data among others. 

Predictive search now offers a single search box for users to type in a query and receive place suggestions as they start typing it. Previously, users had to type the point of interest and address in separate columns.

The new version also brings along Hindi Maps (i.e. maps with Hindi text) for 12 Indian states, as compared to 10 states earlier. It also continues to offer voice guidance in nine Indic languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada besides English.

In terms of coverage, it has added street-level map data for 1040 cities and house-level map data for 28 more cities. It now claims to have offer street-level map data for 7068 cities and house-level map data for 80 cities. It also claims to now offer 3D & 2D city models for 86 cities, up from 66 cities earlier.

Overall, it claims to cover 10.63 million places of interest and over 2.1 million road kilometers across 600,000 villages with advanced information like one-ways, turn restrictions, dividers, service lanes, round-abouts, flyovers, tolls, slip roads and ramps in the country.

Besides this, version 9.1 claims to continue offering various navigation and driver assistance features like live traffic information and visual cues like extended lane guidance, junction views, signposts and city guides, tourist guides for 10 destinations, ferry guidance and speed limit warning in audio and visual formats among others.

Users of MapmyIndia’s GPS navigation systems can update their system by heading over to the company’s online store to purchase any of the three map updates packages available, which includes a single update plan (Rs 990), a one year update plan (Rs 1,250) and a two year update plan (Rs 1,750). This will also be rolled out to MapMyIndia’s online maps website and its mobile apps across iOS, Android and Windows Phone for free.