Online and mobile business listings business JustDial has replaced Google maps with its own maps solution JD Maps for directions on its platform, the company has disclosed in its earnings results for the quarter ended March 31, 2014.

When we checked, we noticed that this maps solution seems to be based on the crowdsourced maps project OpenStreetMaps. Interestingly, the maps also mention copyright Justdial (besides the credit to OpenStreetMaps), so we wonder what data is copyright of the company. Is it the business listings or whether the company has sourced any mapping data of its own? Update: JustDial has informed Medianama that while the cartography is from OpenStreetMaps, the actual addresses of businesses which has been geocoded by JustDial, belongs to the company.

Besides on JustDial platform, JD Maps also seems to have a standalone presence here, wherein it offers a Google Maps and MapMyIndia-like interface, allowing users to search for various business listings and points of interests and get detailed directions to that place. However, there is no mention of this on the company’s website.

Low on detail

The idea here seems to be pulling data out of Google, since it essentially competes with the Internet giant in business listings.

But, the problem however is the quality of information on the map. The current version of JD Maps is not very detailed and can’t really be used for directions, which is really critical for a local business listing service. For instance, check out the maps for this listing or this listing.

JustDial Maps

This reminds of a similar issue that Foursquare had witnessed when it had switched to OpenStreetMaps in February 2012. However, like all mapping products, its possible that these maps will improve over time. But, JustDial will probably have to act quicker if it wants to go ahead of its competition.

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Update: Headline changed