htmedialogoHT Media‘s digital business losses increased to Rs 42.51 crore in FY14 from 38.66 crore Year-on-Year (YoY), despite an increase in revenues by 42% to Rs 76.2 crore from Rs 53.77 crore in FY13. In Q4 alone, the losses from digital business reduced marginally to Rs 7.58 crore from Rs 7.6 crore QoQ and from Rs 8.12 crore YoY. Revenue for the last quarter of the financial year increased to 21.82 crore from 19.53 in Q3-FY14 and 14.61 in Q4-FY13.

According to the company presentation, HT Media’s job portal business has registered a 58% revenue growth year-on-year in the financial year. The company has not revealed the number of active users the service has at the end of the financial year. Its mobile marketing venture HT Mobile, also registered a revenue growth of 65% from FY13.

– The company invested Rs 3.25 crore in Equity Shares of HT Education Limited.
– Invested Rs 1.8 crore in Equity Shares of Topmovies Entertainment Private Limited.


Other Significant Details

– Readership of Hindustan Times stood at 4.34 million as per the recent IRS results, up from 3.82 million in Q4 FY13. However, do note that many key publishers had recently contested the IRS results.
– Readership of Hindustan was at 14.25 million as per the IRS, up from 12.25 million YoY.
– Mint readership was at 0.31 million as per the IRS, up from 0.22 million YoY.
– Joint Venture on ‘Predictive Analytics’ professional certificate programmes in India, with the
first programme to be launched early this summer.
– Program to combine online content (developed and taught by Northwestern faculty) with
weekly in-person sessions led by local faculty at Bridge School’s learning centers in Delhi.

– HT Media group’s profit after tax increased by 24% to Rs 207.5 crore from 167.7 crore YoY.
– Profits for Q4-FY14 however reduced by 13% to Rs 34.8 crore from Rs 40.1 crore YoY due to reversal of deferred tax assets for previous periods.
– Radio Revenues: 19% increase to Rs 91.1 crore from 78.3 crore in FY13.
– EBITDA: Up 129% to Rs 28.5 crore from Rs 12.5 million in FY13.
– The Board of Directors at their meeting on May 9, 2014 have recommended a dividend of Rs.
0.40 per equity share of Rs. 2 each; translating to 20% of face value.

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