PoosalaVishy Poosala, mentor at HeadStart Ventures has joined Facebook as Director, at Facebook Menlo Park, California. He made this announcement over LinkedIn and Twitter

Prior to this, he was the CTO – subscriber data management and messaging at Alcatel-Lucent in Bangalore, where he worked for 17 years. According to his latest blogpost, he started the new job on 12 May and has already moved to the Bay area. Medianama has contacted Pooasala to get details on his new responsibilities. Details will be updated as soon as we hear from him.

His work LinkedIn profile states, “Can’t wait to share what I will be doing at Facebook! I basically believe that it aligns with and amplifies by 2000x my own mission of ‘creating new stuff that makes millions of people happier’. I also believe that it will be super-hard and fulfilling and fun”.

Facebook has not made any official announcement on this yet.