T-Series has released UK-based artist & producer Arjun’s latest single today through its YouTube channel. Arjun had signed up with the network earlier this year to release two of his music albums – a Hindi remix album and an R&B/pop album, both of which will be backed by comprehensive online promotions.

The music label mentions that his latest number is an English Mix of ‘Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse’ originally sung by Arijit Singh from the T-Series catalogue. Apparently Arjun has previously worked on several remixes of songs owned by T-Series themselves, such as  Tum Hi Ho and Chammak Challo. T-Series is also planning to release Arjun’s album under their banner in May this year.

At the time writing the story, Arjun’s subscribers stood at 100,546, up from 90, 607 at the time of signing the deal. It seems that Arjun also another channel on YouTube, Arjun Vevo, which has just one video on it. Vevo is a music MCN, and is a joint venture between Universal Music Group, Google, Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media. However, the subscribers on that channel stand only at 6,652.


T-Series Vs YouTube

T-Series reported to have reached 1 billion in July 2013. It is worth noting that T-Series had filed a case in the Delhi High Court against Google and YouTube, and had obtained a restraining order for copyright infringement, followed by an interim stay order, in 2007 while in 2008, the two parties weregiven time to settle out of court, which they eventually did, only in 2011 just in time for the launch of YouTube Partnership Program in India. Although the details of the deal were not disclosed, it would not have been surprising if T-Series hadn’t made a deal for minimum guarantee deal as well as monetization of its content on YouTube.

Similar to the U.S, Indian networks and labels on YouTube are also catching up with this trend. Earlier in November 2013, YouTube star Shraddha Sharma had also signed a long-term contract with Universal Music, for producing her first album. It is worth noting that several of these stars who signed with Multi-channel networks in the U.S have been facing contractual issues. Only time will tell if Indian artists signing up such deals will also face similar issues.