Money-On-Mobile, a mobile money service from the Calpian backed mobile payment service provider My Mobile Payments Ltd (MMPL), claims to have 86.57 million unique phone number customers for the month ended March 31, 2014, up from 84.3 million customers reported in the previous month.

Note that there is currently no information on how many monthly active users the service has for the month. In February 2014, it had claimed to have 3.68 million (3,679,810) monthly active users, which was marginally down on a monthly basis.

The processed transaction volume increased by 6.37% on a monthly basis to Rs 72.58 crore from Rs 68.23 crore in the previous month and the service is now supported by 1.81 lakh retail locations (1.81,406 locations), up from 1.79 locations in the previous month.

The company hasn’t disclosed any information on the total number of transactions for the month. Last month, it had claimed to have registered 8.9 million monthly transactions, which was marginally down on a monthly basis.

Calpian Investment: Calpian had initially invested in MMPL, by investing in a newly formed company DPPL (Digital Payments Processing Limited), which in turn had entered into a service agreement with MMPL in April 2012. The company had then committed a $9.7 million cash investment and 6.1 million shares (6,123,077 shares) in common stock, and had later increased it to $10.8 million cash and 6.1 million shares in September 2013 (More on the funding structure here).

Calpian owns 49.9% stake in DPPL as of December 31, 2013. It had invested $8.7 million into DPPL and issued 3.7 million shares of its stock valued at $5.5 million as of September 30, 2013. The company had however accepted a temporary dilution last year to dilute its ownership below 50% so as to eliminate any potential consolidation of DPPL and MMPL in Calpian’s future financial statements.

Last September, MMPL had mentioned plans of raising a total $50 million investment directly from Calpian in two tranches: an initial investment of $10 million and an expected $40 million investment later this year.

Last month, Calpian had also raised $1 million from the Hall Financial group founder & chairman Craig Hall, who has committed a total investment of $5 million into the company and an undisclosed amount of growth funding from a group of Silicon Valley executives led by Babu Vinod Sivadasan to fund Money on Mobile’s growth.

Financials: In an SEC filing filed earlier this month, Calpian has mentioned that the combined revenue of DPPL and MMPL was at $33.12 million for the year ended 2013, up from $30.07 million revenue in 2012. The losses also marginally declined to $1.022 million for the year, down from $1.023 million loss in the previous year. Calpian hasn’t provided any revenue breakup of these two entities.