We’ve been invited to do a Reddit India News AMA (Ask Me Anything) today at 2:30 pm. Usually, we’re the ones asking questions, so this is your chance to put us on the spot (though you’re also free to do that in the comments section on MediaNama).

For the AMA go to r/IndiaNews

Feel free to join in and ask us any question you want (even anonymously), about :

– What we cover, decisions we’ve taken about past coverage
– Any queries you might have about the sectors that we cover: Internet, mobile, media, music, video, payments, Social Media, government policy and ‘digital and politics’ .
– What we don’t cover and why we don’t cover it.
– Our views on specific companies that we have covered over the years
– Policy issues we’ve focused on, such as Internet laws, net neutrality, freedom of expression, anonymity, surveillance.
– Starting and running an online media business in India (it’s not easy)
– Any criticism, or inputs on where we’ve screwed up or could have done better. We like criticism: helps us improve.

We’ve always been open to questions, suggestions and criticism, anonymous or named and appreciate the feedback we’ve received that has helped improve our coverage over the years.