Nikesh Arora, Chief Business Officer at Google, has resigned from Bharti Airtel’s board, the telecom operator has announced. Dinesh Kumar Mittal, a former Department of Financial Services, Government of India official, has been appointed as an Independent, Additional Director. Arora was an independent non-executive director, and had joined Airtel’s board in 2008.

Arora had joined Google in 2004, and prior to joining the company, he has held senior and management positions in T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom. Prior to joining Google, he was chief marketing officer and a member of the management board at T-Mobile Europe.

While not necessarily linked to this, Arora leaves at a time when Airtel is raising serious net neutrality concerns in India, by shifting to a model that tries to charge users on the basis of the content they’re accessing, rather than just kilobytes and megabytes. Uninor too, is headed in that direction, and the battle between Internet companies and telecom operators over neutrality of access looms large.

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