madratlogoMadrat Games has released a freemium iPad app called Autista, that will improve verbal and fine motor skills of kids with Autism and other learning disabilities.

The app has been in development for 15 months, and has simple puzzles to help children with disability. You can check out the web-based demo here. Apart from puzzles the app also has voice exercises and spelling games that are customisable depending on the needs of the child. The app had also received a special mention at Nasscom game developer conference under the ‘Game of the year’ category.

Most apps that are made for children with autism are aimed at improving their communication skills, but Autista is focusing on improving motor and speaking skills. Though the app itself is free, it has in-app purchases and an option to unlock all of these options for $9.99.

The team worked with the kids extensively with support from Communication DEALL (an early intervention program for children with developmental language disorders) for the project. Madrat received guidance from Prof Matthew Belmonte of Autism Research Centre and Dr Pratibha Karanth, a speech language pathologist with nearly 40 years of experience in several national institutions in India.

Founded by Rajat Dhariwal, Madhumita Haldar and Manuj Dhariwal, Madray Games had earlier raised $500,000 from Blume Ventures and First Light Ventures in 2012. The company started off as a board game company with a B2B model, but it shifted to B2C model in late 2013. It also started made mobile games and apps that are educational in nature such as Word Matki, Mystery land of Aksharit and Aksharit. Dhariwal had told Entrepreneur India that it crossed revenues of Rs 1 crore last year.

Other apps made by Indian developers for children with this disability include Avaz by Invention labs and Bol by SAP Labs India.