India ranks seventh in terms of requests made to Yahoo by government agencies for user data in between July and December 2013, the company disclosed in its transparency reportIndian governmental agencies made 1,078 requests for 2,337 accounts in this period, down from 1,490 requests for data on 2,704 Yahoo accounts in the first half of the year.

The company rejected 406 (38%) of these requests and disclosed information in 216 (20%) cases. Non-content data was disclosed in case of 368 (34%) requests and no data was found for 88 (8%) requests. Non-content data comprises basic subscriber information including the information captured at the time of registration such as an alternate e-mail address, name, location, and IP address, login details, billing information, and other transactional information (e.g., “to,” “from,” and “date” fields from email headers) – i.e., everything but the content of the email.

The company hasn’t listed why it rejected requests, or specify which government agencies sent these requests, like Google does.


Internationally, US asked for most user information from Yahoo. It sent 6,587 requests for information on 11,795 accounts, followed by Germany, Taiwan, Italy, France and UK.

Yahoo Transparency Report