Naukri Job SpeakAccording to‘s Job Speak Index, which is an indicator of job listings on its portal, media hiring grew 9% month-on-month from December 2013 to January 2014, but it reduced by 15% year-on-year (YoY).

Overall, the Naukri Job Speak Index for the month of January 2014 stood at 1466 showing a 13% increase in hiring activity when compared to December 2013. Yearly comparison shows 15% increase in hiring activity when compared to January’13.


Sectors: Professionals working in Insurance saw maximum growth with the index showing an increase of 26% in January 2014 over December 2013. There was also a 23% dip in telecom sector for the same time period. Jobs in IT-Software sector saw an 18% boost while BPO sector saw an increase of 13%. Oil and Gas, Banking and Pharma industries saw an increase of 1% each.

Increasing demand for sales professionals: Naukri informed that the demand for sales professionals increased by 19% and by 16% in ITES field. Demand for marketing, IT and finance jobs increased 12% each, while HR jobs increased by 10%.

City wise: Among metros, Kolkata and Hyderabad witnessed the maximum improvement in hiring trends with 29% and 20% increase respectively. Chennai followed with an 18% increase, while Pune witnessed a growth of 15%. Delhi meanwhile showed the lowest increase of 7%, behind Mumbai with 14% and Bangalore with 11%.

Experience: There was a 37% increase in the jobs for people with 4-7 years of experience and an increase of 33% for people with lesser than 3 years of experience. Jobs for people with 8-12 years of experience increased by 21%, while it increased by 6% and 3% for people with 13-16 years of experience and more than 16 years of experience respectively.