Update: We’re still hiring, now looking for 2 journalists.

January 14: MediaNama is the leading online media company covering news and providing analysis on India’s digital (Internet and mobile) ecosystem. We provide our readership of business leaders with incisive inputs on industry developments, and take a pan-digital perspective. We have a close knit editorial team of four, and are looking for two dedicated and incisive journalists and one sub-editor to be a part of our growing publication over a long term. We are also looking for Interns for data journalism and application reviews. These are all full time positions.

Update: The internships are paid. Please see below for details

Journalists (2)

Eligibility criteria

– We have three key criteria that over-ride everything else:

1. You need to know and be passionate about the digital (Internet and/or mobile) industry in India. You need to live and breathe digital, and be someone who is constantly connected. You need to convince us that this domain matters to you.
2. You need to have excellent command of the English language – both written and spoken English.
3. You need to be obsessive about details, and have a strong sense of skepticism and logic.

– We will eventually give you the freedom to report on what you want to report on, and with that freedom, comes the responsibility of getting it right on your own. You need to be comfortable with ambiguity: ours is a fast paced site, you will have to learn to work with limited information at your disposal, and take decisions quickly.
– You need to have an eye for news, and a desire to get the news first. Being active on social networks, especially Twitter, is a must.
– Some business news reporting experience is preferred. Preference would be given to candidates with online work experience, or at least having blogged for a few years. You need to have basic working knowledge of HTML, and familiarity with WordPress.
– Preference will be given to candidates with experience in reportage on digital advertising and marketing.
– You must have at least 2 years of experience to be considered for this position.

Preferred sub-sectors (in terms of areas of expertise):
– Digital advertising & marketing
– Startups

Key Responsibilities

– Track & report current events & news in Internet and Mobile domain
– Analyse information and present in a concise manner
– Talk to hundreds of people in the digital domain. Go get stories.
– Track international developments in Internet and Mobile domains
– You would need to be on top of the market environment & general happenings and identify opportunities and leads in the domains to provide competitive advantage to MediaNama.
– You must also be open to taking on additional responsibility during events and conferences.


– Delhi
– One position is for someone based out of anywhere in India (especially Bangalore), as long as you have an always-on Internet connection, and don’t mind working from home.

How To Apply

Send us a single email at nikhil@medianama.com with “Journalist Opening” as the subject, and the following information:

– Why you want to join us
– Links to your best posts/stories
– Your CV



Data Journalism Interns (2)

Your work will involve:
– Scanning government websites, and news reports on MediaNama and other publications on the State and Central governments policies, initiatives and spends related to the digital (Internet, mobile, DTH, IPTV, devices, media) domains.
– Identifying issues, policies and developments of national, state and industry importance, for which data and industry views have been submitted, but have not been made public by the government.
– Preparing information request templates specific to departments, for using Right To Information Act, and identifying the PIO with whom to file for information.
– Filing appeals in case information has been denied.
– Scanning government websites for public disclosures of data.
– Creating visualizations that represent data in a visually appealing and easy to understand format. Slice and dice the data to extract meaning from it.


– 5 RTI filings a week
– 10 visualizations a week

Eligibility Criteria:
– Fresher/Student (we prefer journalism students)
– Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. You might have to learn other visualization tools on the job.
– Excellent command of the English language
– An eye for detail, and exceptional research skills
– Basic working knowledge of HTML / WordPress

Location: Delhi

Internship duration: 2 months, although we’re open to part time positions as well

Payment: Rs 8000 per month.

How To Apply
– Email your CV to Nikhil Pahwa, Editor, MediaNama at nikhil@medianama.com . Please use ‘Data Journalism Internship’ as the subject.
– Email us  two writing samples, along-with a note on why you are interested in this internship.
– You will be given one visualization to do as a test.

Application Review Interns (2)

Your work will involve

– Identifying applications to review
– Doing a consumer focused review, including: how to install, how to use, best practices, what stands out about each app
– Compare different apps

Eligibility Criteria:

– Should have a smart phone / tablet to work with
– Familiar with iOS, Android and Windows phone ecosystems
– Excellent written and communication skills
– Passionate about devices and applications
– Ability to identify consumer issues that apps might solve
– Identify trends in the app market

Location: Delhi

Internship duration: 2 months if full time, although we’re open to part time work as well

Payment: Rs 8000 per month.

How To Apply
– Email your CV to Nikhil Pahwa, Editor, MediaNama at nikhil@medianama.com . Please use ‘Application Internship’ as the subject.
– Email us  a note on why you are interested in this internship.
– You will be given one app review to do as a test.