Delhi police will let people in Delhi file an FIR on its website for crimes such as theft and forgery starting this week, reports Times of India. Currently the website lets you view details of an FIR and even lets you apply for a copy of an FIR.

In India, you need to visit a police station to file an FIR currently and many times the staff may refuse to do so. That being the case, an online system is a good idea. Delhi Police is active on Facebook and Twitter, however it is used mostly for alerts on traffic conditions than as a channel for communication on safety risks in Delhi.

Maharashtra Police had started such a system back in 2011, but when we checked the website we could not find a way to file a complaint. Hopefully, the initiative by Delhi Police won’t disappear into ether like this. Bangalore Police meanwhile, takes action based on complaints posted by people on its Facebook page. Though it does not treat it as an FIR, it is known to get in touch with victims to help them out if they post on the Facebook page.

This is a step in the right direction and people will be able to cut through bureaucratic delays to an extent.