Fin, a bluetooth smart ring, that will let you use gestures on your palm to control your smartphone, TV, car stereo or any other connected device, being developed by Kochi-based RHL Vision, has reached its funding goal on Indiegogo.

The ring that needs to be worn on your thumb can be swiped on various parts of your hand to control various devices around you. It uses sensors that can uniquely identify each part of your hand to achieve this. There have been several pitches for smart rings made before such as NFC Ring orSmartyRing being developed by a Chennai-based company, but Fin stands out with its capability to use smart gestures to actually control devices as opposed to acting as a notification centre on your ring.


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The company, that is incubated in Startup Village, had showcased the concept at Techcrunch Hardware Battlefield, but that was a prototype with the circuit still attached to a small board instead of inside the ring. The company is now in the process of finalising its flexible PCB design that will accommodate all the sensors, components and battery within the casing of the ring. It’s worth noting that the company is developing their own designs rather than using off-the-shelf designs from Chinese manufacturers.

RHL Vision started working on this concept eight months back and developed the first prototype three months back. In the next stage they will integrate an optical sensor that will be able to uniquely identify which part of the palm you’re touching and assign each segment of your fingers to a particular device. As of now the optical sensor can detect the gestures and use it control one device. Using gestures one can change tracks, increase or decrease volume, answer calls as of now.

As part of the fund raiser, the ring is being offered for $99, with a note that the device will cost $120 when it’s commercially available. You can still be part of the fundraiser as the campaign doesn’t end for five more days.