getitClassifieds business GetIt’s e-commerce website getitBazaar now lets people buy directly from vendors across India, by dialling 044 4444 4444.

According to the company, it is receiving more than 1,000 orders per day via the service within days of launch. As of now there are more than 4,500 stores live on the service that allows sellers to open their store and manages the order fulfillment process including logistics, payment collection and customer care for an order-processing fee. getitBazaar was launched in October in collaboration with Shopify with the objective of getting Indian SMEs online.

The concept of home delivery is familiar to most Indians and GetIt is trying to extend that same concept beyond food delivery with this move. When you call the number, it is answered by a real person (and not an IVR) who asks you what service you’re looking for, finds a vendor close to you and tells you the price for the same.

Overall, the experience is very similar to that of calling JustDial, except JustDial is headed in the opposite direction. It has set up an online store through which customers can get a quote on a product. While both business models are interesting, it is not clear which one will work better in the market right now. More and more customers have started buying products online and both these sites are trying to keep SMEs relevant in an online market that is dominated by a few big players.