OLX was the top advertiser in India in terms of Display Ad Impressions, according to a report published by comScore on India’s online advertising landscape using data from its AdMetrix service.

OLX had 1.38 billion display ad impressions, followed by Amazon with 493 million, Google with 431 million, Jabong with 427 million, Microsoft with 350 million, Myntra with 302 million and Dell with 299 million.

According to the report, 96 billion ad impressions were delivered across Indian websites in this quarter alone. More than 3,900 advertisers ran online ad campaign campaigns in September and on an average, each online Indian was exposed to more than 395 ads in the that month alone.

Who gets the ads: Social Media and Portals continue to get the highest ad impressions with 39%, followed by portals (15%), services (14%), entertainment (9%), news (7%), business/finance (2%), search/navigation (2%) and other categories getting 1% or less.

Biggest categories: As far as Indian advertisers are concerned, online media firms was the biggest category with 23%, followed by multi-category (19%), retail (18%), computers and tech (8%), telecom (5%), finance (5%), travel (3%), automotive (3%) and other categories formed only 2% or less. These companies got a total of Rs 380 crore worth ad impressions in September alone, from 30.2 billion ad views.

Ad impressions: Number of ad impressions reduced in the major categories in September from the previous month. In the automotive category it reduced to 705 million in September from 728 million in August; in consumer goods category it fell to 559 million from 576 million; in finance sector it’s down to 1.19 billion from 1.20 billion and in retail it reduced to 3.97 billion in September from 4.3 billion in August.

Display ad size: Non-conventional ad sizes were popular and made up 47.1% of all online ads, followed by 300×250 ad unit that was used in 19.4% cases and leaderboard  was third with 16%.