Messaging app Nimbuzz has added ‘search and share’ features to its Android app, by tying up with Sprylogics, which has an app Poynt that offers similar features. The feature is expected to be available on iOS sometime soon. Nimbuzz has tied-up with several companies in the past few months to add features instead of developing them from ground up in-house. It had added travel booking by tying up with Cleartrip earlier this month and had added VoIP services by working with Spectranet in October.

The new feature will let Nimbuzz users search for local business listings, videos, movies, places and events from within the app and share the details with contacts without leaving a conversation. The feature will help the company stand out in an otherwise crowded chat apps market where it competes with Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Line and ChatOn. Nimbuzz currently has 25 million active users in India and 50 million outside, bulk of it is from Arabic speaking world. In comparison, WhatsApp had claimed that it has 30 million users in India, earlier this month.


Even with all these features, it doesn’t look like it has been able to get Indians to shift from WhatsApp yet. What works for WhatsApp is its simplicity, while Nimbuzz seems to be headed in the opposite direction with features overload. That said, this market is very turbulent and the number of WhatsApp users just might decline when they start charging everyone to use the app (which they haven’t on Android as of now).

Meanwhile, any bets on what feature Nimbuzz will add next?