Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) organised by Google from Dec 11-13 and later extended till 14th has been great for the participants with most companies stating an increase in sales and sign-ups compared to last year’s event. GOSF website faced a lot of issues during the first day of the sale, but after the issues were resolved, most companies received substantial number of visitors from the site. Before the sale, we had asked if India a shopping festival like GOSF anymore now that most websites have good deals throughout the year. However, going by the response ecommerce sites got through the event, it becomes clear that such a centralised sale driven by a single party has more impact than the sales set up ecommerce companies on their own.

Response from eCommerce Companies
(to share details of how your GOSF site performed, mail balu at medianama dot com; we’ll update)

– By the end of fourth day, there was 4x increase in sales as compared to other normal days.
– The company’s mobile apps for Android and iOS recorded 3x more traffic than usual. Also these apps were downloaded 40% more during these 4 days vis-à-vis normal days.
– The daily average sale increased by a margin of 60% this year from 2012. It needs to be remembered that last year’s event lasted only one day. The company did not release comparison numbers for Diwali as the festive period surrounding it is a longer in comparison to GOSF.
– The site had an ARPU of Rs 1,500 during GOSF and they received similar ARPU during Diwali as well.
– Clothing, Accessories, Footwear and Gadgets were the categories the stood out for the site. The company had also issued a special silver coin to celebrate the unique data 11-12-13 and it sold over 3,000 of those. Proceedings from the sale of these coins were donated to an NGO working for cause of girl child.
– 80% increase in search queries related to GOSF keywords.
– 30% of the people who shopped during the sale were new customers.
– Less than 10% landed on the site from

Big takeaway from GOSF: “So far, the biggest learning from the GOSF is that the consumer ultimately looks for good value, great products and a profitable purchase. such initiatives help bring in a mass shopping environment across the country and if promoted well , they can lead to a good increase in traffic and sales. We have seen that consumers wait for such festivals because they anticipate a good value and deal for the products of their choice. Such shopping festivals which are conducted by other partners (Google, Banks etc) helps in getting new traffic and also spread awareness as the partner also promoted them,” Sundeep Malhotra, Founder and CEO, HomeShop18.


IndiaTimes Shopping

–  There was a 150% increase in traffic during this year’s GOSF period compared to last year, growth in traffic can be largely attributed to the marketing campaign run by the brand.
– Sales increased by 5x compared to normal days. The sales grew by more than 150% compared to the last GOSF.
– If we compare the GOSF week with a week before Diwali, the sales were approx. 50% higher for GOSF.
– There was an ARPU approximating Rs.6000  during the period.
ARPU during Diwali was marginally higher than GOSF because of the category mix which worked on GOSF.
– Mobiles and Tablets were the top selling categories during GOSF, followed closely by Footwear in terms of volume.
– Approximately 60% of the customers who shopped on GOSF were new customers.
– The traffic from GOSF page grew marginally as the site went down the first day and people started coming to the merchant sites directly to find deals and offers

Big takeaway from GOSF: It brought a lot of new customers to eCommerce. The company observed that people this year were even more open to buy non-CDIT (Consumer Durables IT Products ) products. Also the growth in Footwear and Apparel sales was phenomenal.


– 10x increase in sales as compared to GOSF 2012.
– More than 70% of our sellers actively participated in this event.
Demographics: While in GOSF 2012, majority of the sales came from metro cities at 66% followed by Tier 1 cities at 17%, Tier 2 at 9% and Tier 3 at 8%, this year the Tier-wise sales distribution was more homogenous with metro cities at 34%, Tier 1 at 22%, Tier 2 at 25% and Tier 3 at 19%.
– The company sold five pairs of shoes, four mobiles, two watches, kitchen appliances and bedsheets and one saree, perfume and a pair of sunglasses every minute during the sale.



– 1 lakh fashion products sold in 24 hours.
– 3.5x jump in revenue on first day.



– This year the site received 2,94,000+ visitors during GOSF as opposed to 84,000+ visitors last year.
40% of this traffic was on the first day of GOSF (Dec 11), remaining days ~20% spread across 3 days.  100% increase in visits YoY & 2x sales.
– People were most interested in coupons of Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra (in that order).
– Shoppers opted for ~45,000 coupons per day during GOSF to get savings of ~20% across top categories.
– GOSF offers performed better than Diwali Offers with 50% increase in average visits per day.
– 100% increase in ARPU during GOSF period. The company did not reveal ARPU or its increase during Diwali sales.
– Top 5 Categories: mobiles & tablets, fashion & Lifestyle, computers and laptops, home and décor, travel
– Unique new visitors this year – 60%.



– This was’s first run at the GOSF. Overall orders grew by 250%. On day 1 and 3 the number of orders tripled.
– An approximate category contribution is as follows:  Bags: 40%; Jewellery : 30%; Clothes: 20%; Home: 10%
– 70% of our bag sales and 50% of jewellery sales came from exclusive vendors.
– GOSF effect was almost 1.5 times that of Diwali.
– Around 35% of shoppers during 12-14 December were new customers.
– On day 1, when GOSF site was down, there was not enough traffic from GOSF site, but over the next 3 days the traffic increased and to 30% of daily traffic.

Big takeaway from GOSF: More than 60% of our vendors are exclusive with us and even for GOSF, they did not give very large discounts. But we noticed that GOSF also, our customers were buying  “unique” products and not necessarily  “cheap” products. Because of the activity they got a chance to explore the entire range at LimeRoad and hence the orders soared. We feel, that instead of absolute discount percentages, brands should focus more on the range of merchandise during GOSF.


Amazon India

– Over 5X increase in units being sold and there was a spike across all categories.
Consumer electronics led the way along with PC ( laptops, storage devices etc) followed closely by home decor & furnishing, baby and beauty products.



– 300- 400% lift on average daily sales during GOSF.
– Fashion apparel did extremely well, followed by fashion accessories and home & living.
– 100% jump in traffic during the festival.
Conversions were better since it started offering additional 25% off on already discounted merchandise.
Mobile contributed 10% of the traction



– 60% spike in our traffic
– 70% jump in new registrations.
50% increase in our overall sales.
Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses received maximum hits and their sales doubled.