Eruvaka Technologies Pvt. Ltd , an on-farm diagnostic equipment manufacturer for aquaculture farmers, has raised an undisclosed amount in a Series A funding from Omnivore Partners, in return for a minority stake reports Livemint.

Founded in October 2012, Eruvaka manufactures an on-farm diagnostic equipment called Floating Buoy which integrates sensors, mobile connectivity and decision making tools to allow farmers monitor their aquatic farms and remotely control automated equipments.

The company says Floating Buoy can measure the requisite water parameters for shrimp growth and survival in real time. This data is uploaded to cloud and it apparently helps farmers take quick decisions on shrimp growth and survival. For instance, if the water quality in the pond drops, a voice alert will be sent to the farmer’s phone in real time, thereby reducing the risk of shrimp mortality.

This equipment is also connected to a mobile app which allows farmers to monitor their pond data from their smartphone. Eruvaka currently offers an Android app besides web, SMS and voice solutions.

Besides this, the company also offers a cloud analytics platform which suggests farmers to adjust the feed based on water quality data, in a bid to help farmers get better feed conversion ratio.

Eruvaka has been selling this product across coastal Andhra Pradesh since May 2013 and is planning to expand to other regions in India, as indicated by the report. It is also apparently exploring opportunities to sell this product in South Asia and South-East Asia.

In October 2012, Bangalore-based FrontalRain Technologies had raised Rs 5 crore from Omnivore Capital to extend its products pan-India and globally. It currently offers a web-based food supply chain product called Rain+, which provides a suite of business process solutions for customers to manage their agricultural business.

Omnivore Capital had also invested an undisclosed investment in a weather forecasting and agriculture risk solutions company Skymet in August 2011.