Google LogoGoogle Hotel Finder service is now using data from a wide variety of Indian sites such as MakyMyTrip, Agoda, Yatra and to power it.

The service that was launched here in February is very straight forward — it asks user to type in the location apart from check-in and check-out dates. Once Google lists the results, the user can sort through them by star rating, user rating, price, location and amenities. The interface is very user friendly and should be able to drive some traffic to the websites that have partnered with Google on it. In an earlier interview with Medianama, Deep Kalra of MakeMyTrip had said that Google’s  service was “pretty disruptive”.

Google has also integrated Hotel Finder search results into the main search. For example if you type ‘hotel Delhi’ or ‘Book hotel Delhi’ a card with Hotel Finder results are displayed. The interesting part is that this card carries a ‘sponsored’ tag on top right which means that you’ll have to scroll one whole page down to see non-search results.

Hat tip @soumyadip