GoCarz LogoRadio taxi operator GoCarz, which had tied-up with Airtel to offer free WiFi in their cabs, has shut shop.

GoCarz Director Abhinav Gogia cited lack of funds as the reason for this decision via a statement that is displayed on its website. The taxi market is very crowded now with players such as Uber, Meru Cabs, Olacabs, Taxiforsure, Getmecab.com, BatchCar, YourCabs.com and Taxiguide to name a few.

That being the case, Wi-Fi is something we would like to see more companies offer. The competition now seems to have focused on mobile apps of these companies since the launch of Uber in India.

Below is the statement posted on GoCarz website announcing the shut down.


GoCarz began with an idea to make the Taxi Industry more convenient, cheaper and Internet savvy. You helped us grow from 10 Taxis to 120 Taxis in a span of less than a year.
However, The time has come for us to realize that even though we had a good business idea, we wouldn’t be able to continue due to lack of funds. Though we are shutting the taxi operations, GoCarz will continue to serve its clients for advertising needs. You could reach us at 4163 4545.
Thank you, once again, for supporting our cause as a driver, a customer, an employee, an investor or as a friend. And thank you for making GoCarz something we are proud of and will remember fondly in the years to come.

Our helpline number 4545 8585 will be disabled but if you need a cab in the Delhi & NCR region you could call other taxi operators :
A. Meru 011 4422 4422
B. Taxi for Sure 011 6060 1010
C. Mega Cabs 011 4141 4141
D. Ola Cabs 011 3355 3355
We would like to thank you once again for you’re past business and it was truly a pleasure serving you.

Best wishes,
Abhinav Gogia