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Google has introduced Hindi handwriting support for Gmail and Google Drive, allowing users to write their emails and documents in Hindi. Google said that Gmail will offer handwriting support for 50 languages while Google Docs will offer support for 20 languages, however Hindi is the only Indian language supported at the moment.

To enable this feature, one can head over to Gmail settings, enable Input tools through the language settings and select the language of their preference. The languages with handwriting support are denoted by a pencil icon. One can then choose the handwriting input tool at the right top of Gmail website, following which a blank canvas opens up, which allows users to write in Hindi.

Similar to the Google Translate and Google Search integration, the canvas automatically starts suggesting possible words once the user starts writing on the canvas and one can choose any word suggestion for their email or document. One can write single or multiple characters at once, but there is currently no option to delete a single character or a single word while writing.

Google Drive Hindi

We checked and noticed the handwriting recognition to be quite accurate and fast, however this option is currently limited to Gmail and Google Drive’s web apps only, where it is quite cumbersome to write at the moment.

Google had earlier added support for Marathi language in Google Translate and introduced offline language packages to its Android app with support for fifty languages including Hindi. It had also introduced support for six Indic languages on Gmail on feature phone browsers and released a text input app called Google Hindi Input, which allows users to type in Hindi on their Android phones. The company had also rolled out system wide support for Hindi through the Android 4.3 update in August 2013.