Circulets, a game developed by Delhi-based Hashstash Games, is among the first game bundle for iOS that’s gone live today.

The sale is happening with the blessings of Apple, which means you will be able to download all these games from iOS store itself without having to worry about sideloading anything. Such bundles are very common for PC and Android, but this is the first time it has been attempted for iOS.

If this bundle is a success, we can expect to see more such offers very soon. More than anything it gives developers a second shot at getting more customers without having to push out more updates or spammy notification alerts.

Hashstash is run by Kinshuk Sunil, Mayank Saini, Sanchit Gulati and Yadu Rajiv. Their first game Zap the Knight was released in 2012, followed by Circulets, in May 2013. This two-player game encourages both parties to collect as many circles as possible, of a certain colour in a limited time, and was awarded the ‘Most Innovative’ game award at Casual Connect Asia 2013.


The Thumb Arcade Indie Games Bundle for iPhone is organised by Selfpubd. There are 10 participating games, with a total retail value of $23.90 being sold at a discounted price of $5.00. The list of games include Sentinel 3: Homeworld, Forever Lost, Episode 1, Circultes, Angry Robot: Wall Street Titan, Kill the Clowns, Dragon Siege, War of Words, Fruits’n Tails, IncrediBlox, Chicks Ahead, Bonus! – Game Art and One Day’s Wages – Charity.

Outside of the bundle, Circulets is priced at $2.99 for iOS, and Rs 72.99 on Android.