Location based services and Maps company MapmyIndia has now added real time traffic information to its maps.

At the time of writing this article, the traffic data seems to be available only on MapmyIndia’s mobile apps across Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 and is not present on its web interface.

Its worth noting that MapmyIndia has been offering online traffic updates with BirdsEye tie-up since 2010. However, the service was not quite real time and hadn’t been integrated to MapmyIndia’s web and mobile apps. Also, the service offered traffic data for only three cities – Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Mumbai. Its not clear on what is the current status of this partnership and we are awaiting a response from MapmyIndia on this. Update: MapmyIndia has said the tie-up still exists, strangely though the company also added that the traffic data is provided by MapmyIndia itself. Hence, we are not sure of what is BirdsEye’s role in this partnership. We’ve asked for a clarification and will update once we hear back.

MapmyIndia also mentioned that it aggregates this data from a variety of sources which includes an extensive network of on ground probe data. It also claims to have tie-ups with various Government agencies for real time events/incidents based data.

Select Cities only? We checked MapmyIndia’s Android app and noticed that one can tap on the traffic signal icon to load the live traffic layer or remove it. While the app provides real time traffic data for cities like Bangalore and Delhi, we couldn’t find any traffic data for Nagpur, Pune, Panaji or Jaipur.

MapmyIndia Live Traffic

Hence, its not clear if MapmyIndia has rolled out traffic data for all the Indian cities or only select Indian cities since there is no direct way to check which Indian cities have got live traffic data. In cities where it offers live traffic data, we noticed that the app automatically refreshes the traffic data every minute. Update: MapmyIndia has informed that the service is initially available in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore, but they plan to extend it to other cities in the future.

Other Players: In December 2012, Google Maps had expanded its live traffic coverage to six new Indian cities and now offers live traffic information for 12 Indian cities on its web interface and its iOS and Android mobile apps. It had also acquired the Israeli social traffic & navigation app Waze in June 2013 and had integrated real time incident reports from Waze users to Google Maps for Android and iOS last month.

Nokia owned maps and location service company NAVTEQ, had launched its real-time traffic information service, NAVTEQ Traffic Pro in the Indian cities of Delhi and Mumbai, earlier this year, and Nokia had later extended it to its smartphones. Airtel had also launched its own location app for smartphones, which offered voice based turn by turn navigation and real time traffic information, but the app used NAVTEQ maps to offer location and traffic information.

Birds Eye Systems’ Traffline also offers real time traffic updates to commuters by using available GPS data sourced from cabs and buses that are already on city roads. Its currently available in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. In July 2013, the company had introduced paid daily traffic alerts on SMS and email. The email service was priced at Rs 549 per year while the SMS service was priced at Rs 849 per year.

Besides this, Traffic Genie also offers real time traffic information for Bangalore city, through its iOS and Android app.