Around 1.15 million tablet units were shipped to the Indian market during April – June 2013, a significant 107.4% increase Year on Year (YoY) from 0.5 million it shipped in the same time last year but a moderate 27.2% QoQ growth, according to CyberMedia Research.

Methodology: CMR uses the term shipments to describe the number of handsets leaving the factory premises for OEM sales or stocking by distributors and retailers. In the case of handsets imported into the country it represents the number leaving the first warehouse to OEMs, distributors and retailers. The company does not track the number of handsets brought on their person by individual passengers landing on Indian soil from overseas destinations or grey market handsets.

As per the report, the tablets shipped in the country were from 70 domestic and international vendors, however, only 13 vendors shipped in volumes of more than 20,000 units during the period.

 Samsung back in the game: 

For the quarter, Samsung took the top spot in the country, accounting for 21.2% of the total shipments of tablets, followed by Datawind which accounted for 12.5% of the total shipments and Micromax which accounted for 9.7% of the total shipments. Note that Datawind numbers excludes the sales of Aakash tablets to Govt. of India.

Interestingly, the tablet marketshare still seems to be nascent stage as we have noticed lots of fluctuations in top vendors QoQ. For example, in the last quarter Datawind managed to top the tablet vendor list, while Samsung didn’t even appear in the top 3 vendors. Apple’s tablets which managed to score 3rd place in last quarter are out of the top three vendor race this year. Local vendors however seem to be performing well.

CMR India noted that top five vendors accounted for 56% of the total tablets shipped, while six local vendors figure in Top 10 brands during the quarter. Almost 80% of the Tablet models launched during this period were with both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, leading to a growth of 103% in shipments of 3G Tablets.

Tarun Pathak, Analyst, CMR Telecoms Practice notes that  this is the first quarter when Tablets with dual-SIM functionality arrived in the India market, thereby giving vendors an additional specification to differentiate their offerings.


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