Tom Tom, the navigation and location-based products and services company, has released an Android navigation app for India, priced at Rs 2050. The application has an offline mode, multiple options for routes landmark navigation, the navigation remains on if you’re taking a call at the same time and if you buy this, it comes with free quarterly updates for maps.




As you can probably tell, the navigation app looks great: it is visually appealing, and the key thing there is that these maps are available offline, and I quite like the route alternatives that have been provided. If you drive out often, you’ll know that there are several areas without network connectivity, where Google Maps just fail. That is also probably the only reason for you to consider anything apart from Google Maps, and if the decision comes down to price, the MapMyIndia and Sygic navigation app is currently priced at Rs 299 (and usually priced at Rs 1399); there are quite a few worryingly negative reviews there, with complaints of issues related to license and accuracy of the GPS location, and strangely enough, even a user who says the cracked version of the app is better, because it has house-number search. Sygic-MapMyIndia has 582 reviews, and above 5000 installs. Tom Tom Navigation India, since it has just been launched, has 1-5 installs.

My take is that Tom Tom should have launched with an app that is free for a short period of time, and then pushed users to choose between buying and uninstalling, because the only reason I would buy Tom Tom maps is if I know what kind of detailing they offer for the route I am planning to take. Not many people would have heard of Tom Tom anyway. Frankly, I don’t see the point of putting navigation screenshots of AIIMS and North Avenue in Delhi when the primary use case for these maps is offline usage when offroading. If I have to use maps mostly in a city like Delhi, which are well mapped, I’m more likely to choose Google Maps, which are free, especially after their latest upgrade, which gives alternate routes. If you would buy Tom Tom Maps, tell us why in the comments.