PlanetRadiocity, the music portal operated by the FM radio station Radio City 91.1 FM, has launched an online shop which offers music related merchandise, movie CDs/DVDs and special memorabilia & collectibles among others.

The company says that it has partnered with several companies like Shemaroo, OK! Listen, Engrave and Clean Planet for this initiative, although the terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

When we checked, we noticed that the shop offers various products like CDs and DVDs, posters, autographed merchandise, quirky tees and eco-friendly products like eco gift bags and tote bags among others. The homepage is divided into various sections depending on the brand and currently showcases featured products from that specific brand.

Planetradiocity Shop

However, we noticed that the shop only aggregates products from the above mentioned companies and doesn’t offer any products of its own. When one clicks on any product, the shop either redirects one to the respective portals (for eg – Clean Plant and OK Listen) or redirects users to a dedicated section on the website where it loads the products in an iframe (for eg – Shemaroo and Engrave).

So, it looks like the company is probably going through the affiliate way – offering products as an added incentive for listeners while taking commission for driving sales.

Our Take: While the intent of connecting music aficionados with relevant merchandise is quite promising, we feel there are quite a few issues in the current implementation – it takes a considerable amount of time to load, its not quite user friendly and the iframe implementation is irritating at times. If it does intend to be only an affiliate platform, why not showcase them while users are listening to the web radio itself, rather than having a separate section for it?

Besides this, we also hope that the company adds more partners to bring more variety to its products. Also, why doesn’t PlanetRadiocity partner with companies like NH7 or Musicfellas to offer independent music albums to listeners? We feel this could be an interesting fit for both the parties.