Limelight Networks, a digital management presence platform, has expanded its operations in India. The company will open a new office in Mumbai and will begin selling its Limelight Orchestrate Digital Presence Platform in the country.

The Limelight Orchestra Platform offers digital services such as videos, content management, content delivery, performance, cloud storage, among others to organizations. It helps create a digital presence and monetize its digital assets by seamlessly delivering video across the world to various mobile devices. The company claims that Punjab Kesari Group, an online and offline newspaper group, is  a client.

In 2010, Bharti Airtel had partnered with Limelight Networks for Content Delivery Network (CDN) services in India. We don’t know what’s become of that deal: it was announced with a lot of fanfare, and we haven’t heard of it since. Bharti Airtel had said that they would be able to deliver rich content from Indian publishers to consumers, using Limelight’s CDN.


Thomas Cook India has launched Forex on mobile service which will offer foreign exchange products and service through Smartphone. It’s not clear on which smartphone platform the forex service is available. We checked on Google Play Store and iTunes Store but couldn’t locate the app.


Meru Cabs has launched its smartphone app on Android operating system. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

The app allows one to book Meru Cab and Meru Plus for the same day or make an advance booking up to 2 days. The app also makes use of the phone’s GPS system to get the location. One can point the pointer on its in-app Google Maps to decide the location as well. When we checked the app, we found that the app is very easy to use. It also provides an alert emergency option that can be used by users not only while travelling in a Meru Cab but at any time in case of emergency. The system alerts pre-defined contacts, once the user pushes the emergency button.