As the general elections for the 16th Lok Sabha comes nearer, political parties and prospect Prime Minister candidates are approaching citizens with their plans.

Quite obviously people are starting to make satirical comments on it. and were the two satirical websites that popped up. While Rahulgandhiachievements have been going around for couple of months on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, Narendramodiplans made its entrance only couple of days ago.

The satirical page on candidate Rahul Gandhi’s achievement just lists a blank page and says that “this page is  intentionally empty” in comments in the page source code:


While the page on Narendra Modi Plans appeared to be an official Narendra Modi website with his picture ahead of saffron color background indicating his candidacy. The page said that “For a detailed explanation of how Mr Narendra Modi plans to run the nation if elected to the house as a Prime Minister and also for his view/perspective on 2002 riots please click the link below,” however the ‘Get the details’ button could not be clicked and steered away when one tried to click on the button.

What’s surprising though is that the website has been pulled down within a day. The website developers mentioned that it garnered more than 60,000 hits in 20 hours. Earlier it said that “I quit. In a country with freedom of speech, I assumed that I am allowed to make decent satire on any politician more particularly if its constructive. Clearly, I was wrong. Apparently, you could make fun of only the leading party like @fakingnews with morphed pics, dirty jokes, cartoon and whatever, but dare you touch the opposition with javascript, they’ll haunt you down. So, the first day was fun with 60,000 hits in 20 hours. and that’s that”. Here’s a screenshot from IBNLive:



At the time of writing this article, the domain name now leads to an error page on Github. Talking to the publication, the website developer said that he/she “would want to stay out of this issue once and for all.”

A similar elusive button appears on The page titled as “Rahul Gandhi Plans for India” says “For a detailed explanation of how Mr. Rahul Gandhi plans to run the nation if elected to the house as a Prime Minister and also for his view/perspective on 1980 (Moradabad), 1983(Nellie), 1984(Delhi), 1989(Bhagalpur), 1993(Mumbai) & 2012 (Assam) riots. Please click the button below.”

Rahul Gandhi plans for India

While such online presence could harm the image of the candidate, considering how viral it went on social media websites, we believe that there should be a room left out for satire.