cmrIndia registered more than 73.5 million mobile handset shipments during January to April 2013, up by 11.1% year on year (YoY) from 66.1 million mobile handset shipments for the same period last year, according to CMR’s India Mobile Handsets Market Review. About 19.4 million mobile handsets were shipped in April 2013 alone, registering a growth of 22.1% compared to April 2012.

Out of the 73.5 million mobile handsets, 64.1 million were feature phone handsets, a rise of 2.4% YoY from 62.5 million feature phone handsets that were shipped in the same period last year. About 16.6 million feature phone handsets were shipped in the month of April 2013, up by 10.3% from April 2012. It’s not clear whether CMR has included Nokia’s Asha series as feature phone or smartphone.

Interestingly, feature phone growth seems to have stalled indication that feature phone growth might have matured in the country. That’s not surprising considering the low cost smartphone handsets available in the market by local handset manufacturers. However, the steep decline in growth rate for feature phone shipment is surprising. In 2012, 206.4 million feature phone handsets alone were shipped in the country, a rise of 19.9% YoY from 172.2 million feature phones handsets shipped in 2011.

Nokia still tops the overall mobile handset leader-board with 20.3% marketshare followed by Samsung with 14.2% marketshare and Micromax with 8.9% marketshare.


– Shipments: About 9.4 million smartphone were shipped in the country between January and April 2013, up by 167.3% from 3.51  million smartphone shipped between January and April 2012. About 2.8 million smartphone handsets were shipped in the month of April 2013, up by 233.1% for April 2012.

– Samsung tops the Smartphone market chart in the country with 40.7% of unit shipments of smartphones during January to April 2013.
– Micromax is at number 2, with 19.3% unit shipments
– Karbonn has managed to break into the top 3 list taking third place with 8.6% of unit shipments. Sony Mobiles which took the third place previously is now out of the top 3 list.

Methodology: CMR uses the term shipments to describe the number of handsets leaving the factory premises for OEM sales or stocking by distributors and retailers. In the case of handsets imported into the country it represents the number leaving the first warehouse to OEMs, distributors and retailers. The company does not track the number of handsets brought on their person by individual passengers landing on Indian soil from overseas destinations or grey market handsets.

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