BurrpOnline restaurants and events guide Burrp has launched a loyalty club called Burrp! Club for its members. Speaking to Medianama, Sandeep Das, COO of Burrp said that the club membership will be extended initially to 1000 members in Mumbai on invite only basis, depending on various criteria including their consumption patterns, among others. He also mentioned that the membership criteria is likely to change over time.

Who gets to join the club: Initially, the company is looking to invite users who have been adding value to Burrp by writing qualified reviews and not just one line reviews about places. Burrp also to provide cards only to people who will indulge with the club and not to those who are unlikely to see any value in it.

People can also write to Burrp for an invite. Depending on different factors such as who they are, what they do, likes, dislikes, Burrp will use discretion in providing paid membership worth Rs 3000 or a free membership into the club.

Value addition to members and advertisers: Membership in this club is supposed to provide members with special access to restaurants, spas, food workshops and salons apart from offers and deals. The program offerings have been divided into Burrp experiences and Burrp events.

Some of the Burrp experiences and events would include 5 course set menu for 2 in select restaurants and restobars, Date night for couples, Mystery menu for people who would like to experiment with new food, tasting sessions, food making workshops, among others.

Speaking on the idea for the club, Das says that Burrp had organised several food related events in India in the last year and based on the response, they had decided to formalise the club since they see it adding value to both users and advertisers on their website.

How is it different from other loyalty programs: Das clarifies that the membership card is only an entry point into the club. Apparently, unlike other clubs or loyalty programs in India, the company does not intend to give 10% or 15% discount. It intends to create special events at restaurants exclusively for its members.

“We are creating these experiences with the help of businesses which are advertisers with us and they see value because they will get additional business and new customers. We have many other propositions in this fiscal year that will add value to users and advertisers.”  Apart from membership fees, it seems that the company may have plans to monetise this club in other ways in the future.

Burrp currently claims to have listings across 31  cities in India with user-generated reviews and recommendations.

Our take:  Recently BrownPaperBag had launched its loyalty card Coup Card, that is available for six months (Rs 2100) or a year (Rs 3800), and allows those who purchase it to get a flat 15% off on food and alcohol on 20 of BPB’s select restaurants in Delhi and Bombay. BrowPaperBag was founded by Kanika Parab and Mansi Poddar in 2010 as a weekly newsletter for interesting things to do in a city, curating and recommending restaurants, events, shopping, travel, and services, among other things.

We had then mentioned about the opportunity for a company like Zomato could see from launching a similar program. Coincidentally, Zomato’s competitor Burrp has now launched its own loyalty club.

It is interesting to see how restaurant and lifestyle related listing services are looking at loyalty program as an additional way of monetizing and strengthening their user base.