Airtel India has reported 46.58 million mobile Internet connections, up 7% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ), of which only 6.8 million are 3G customers, which saw a 6% growth QoQ. However unlike the previous quarter, the company added more 2G customers than 3G customers during the quarter. It added 2.7 million 2G customers, and only 0.4 million 3G customers between April and June 2013. The numbers:

– 3.09 million mobile Internet customers added during the quarter, as compared to 2.81 million last quarter.
– 46.58 million mobile Internet connections, up 7% from 43.49 million last quarter.
– 6.8 million 3G customers, up 0.4 million from 6.4 million 3G customers last quarter.
– 39.8 million 2G customers, up 2.7 million from 37.1 million 2G customers last quarter.
– Around 24.4% of Airtel’s overall mobile customers are using the mobile Internet, as compared to 23.1% last quarter.
– Data usage: 27,271 million MBs of data transferred, up 14% QoQ.
– Data ARPU increased 15% QoQ to Rs 63 per data user, up from Rs 55 last quarter.
– Data usage was up to 203 MB per data customer, up 8% from Rs 187 last quarter.
– Data realization per MB was Rs 0.31, up from Rs 0.29 last quarter.
– Data as a percentage of total revenue was up to 7.4% from 6.5% last quarter.

The company did not disclose the number of 4G subscribers, if there are actually any, although it noted that Airtel 4G is currently present in four markets.

VAS & Messaging

Airtel’s non voice (Mobile Internet plus VAS and Messaging) segment’s revenue contribution marginally declined to 17.3% of total revenue from 17.4% last quarter, as the contribution from VAS and Messaging declined to 8.2% from 9.1%, although the data contribution increased to 7.4% from 6.5% last quarter.

Financials: Airtel reported consolidated revenues of Rs 20,264 crore, up 9.2% year on year, India mobile data revenues up 91% year on year. Its consolidated EBITDA was Rs 6,545 crore, with EBITDA margin at 34.9%. Net profit for the quarter was Rs 689 crore, up from Rs 509 crore sequentially but down from Rs 762 crore in the same quarter last year.

Airtel’s India business reported revenues of Rs 14,123 crore, up 11.6% year on year, EBITDA was at Rs 4,931.6 crore, up from 22% year on year. Mobile services revenues was at Rs 11,601.3 crore, up 11% YoY and mobile EBITDA was Rs 3763.3 crore, up 20% year on year.


Airtel’s Telemedia business saw a minor 1.4% quarter on quarter decline in its revenues: Rs 948.4 crore in the quarter, down from Rs 962 crore in the previous quarter but up 7% from 888.9 crore in the same quarter last year. Airtel reported a broadband (DSL) customer base of 1.41 million for the quarter, up 1% from 1.39 million in the previous quarter. The digital TV customer base was at 8.45 million for the quarter, up 4% from 8.1 million in the previous quarter.

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