English daily newspaper, The Hindu has launched its Android app in the Google Play Store powered by Mobstac mobile cloud.

Content: We checked the app on a Micromax A54 Ninja phone and found that the app has a simple design. The app’s home screen shows the excerpts of top stories for the day with the latest story occupying half the screen. Other top stories as excerpts are listed below the latest story. Besides this, below the the top stories section there’s alsoBreaking News section followed by the Opinion section and City News section. More news stories in each section can be accessed by clicking on each section head.


One can select the city of their choice from a drop down menu in the City News section. They can also add more section to the home screen by clicking on the “+ Add Section” button which allows users to select the sections of their choice and customize their home screen. The customization section in the app also detects user’s location through phone’s GPS.


Apart from add sections to the home screen, users can also take a look at other news section by clicking on the icon on top left corner of the home screen. The other sections include Favorites, Most Popular, Most Commented, News, Opinion, Sport,  Business, Features, Slideshows and Cartoon. Slideshows section includes different photo stories.


News, Opinion, Sport, Business and Features also have sub-sections. The Features section includes all the supplementary publications of The Hindu including MetroPlus, Friday Review, Habitat, among others.

Social sharing: The app has a social share button at the top right corner of the home screen. One can also share articles through Android’s default share intent option, which enables users to share articles through various apps installed on their Android phones. Users can also post comments on every article, directly from the mobile app by entering your name, email Id and comment. Comments made by others can also be viewed on each story.

Is mobile The Hindu’s big move with digital? 

The Hindu claims to have an Average Issue Readership (AIR) figure of 18.21 lakh with a prominent presence in south India. This mobile app could be an interesting strategy for the English daily to move its readers over time from its print edition to its mobile edition. Overtime, if the publication decides to go completely digital, the customization of the City News section can also provide for continued access to different city editions.