google_logo_small14% of 25,935 of the websites scanned in India by Google, which is nearly 3631 websites contain malware, the company has revealed in the Safe Browsing section of its Google Transparency report. The company states that the Safe Browsing section has been added to its Transparency report to identify unsafe websites and notify users and webmasters using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari to protect them from harm. However, Google claims that the data is not comprehensive and is only an indicator of the global malware problem.

India vs other countries

With 14% malware, India is among the countries with the highest percentage of malware among countries in which websites are being scanned. Other countries with high percentage of malware include Hungary (15%), Malaysia (14%), Thailand (13%), Italy (11%), among others.

Although India is among countries with high percentage of malware, the real number of websites with malware are much lower compared to countries like Canada where 5% of 217,236 websites have malware or U.S.A where 2% of 14,226,639 websites have malware. Other countries with high number of websites with malware include Russia, China, Turkey, Ukraine, among others.

Other transparency data on India: According to Google’s April 2013 Transparency report, between July and December 2012, Google had received 160 content removal requests from the Indian government to remove 2,942 items and it has fully or partially complied with 36% of these requests.

During the same period, Google had also received 2,431 requests for disclosure of user data from 4106 accounts, from the Indian government and it had complied with as many as 66% of the requests.

Between July to December 2012, Twitter had received less than 10 requests for disclosure of of user information from the Indian government, however, Twitter complied with no requests. Microsoft received a total of 418 requests for disclosure of 594 users & accounts from the Indian government for the calendar year 2012.