Basharat Peer

The New York Times has appointed Basharat Peer as the head of its India-specific property India Ink. He will be replacing Heather Timmons who will be moving to Hong Kong next month for a new job.

Prior to this appointment, he was the Writer in residence at the Open Society Institute in New York, as indicated by his Wikipedia page. He was also the assistant editor of the American magazine Foreign Affairs and correspondents at Rediff and Tehelka.

Besides this, he has also written for publications like The Guardian, The New Yorker, Financial Times, The National, the New Statesman and Columbia Journalism Review among others and is author of the book ‘Curfewed Nights’.

This appointment comes at a time when The New York Times is reviewing all its blogs to decide which ones to continue and which ones to shut down, ahead of a major website redesign in forthcoming months, as indicated by a Capital New York report. However, the report cites NYT foreign editor Joe Kahn to say that India Ink is quite significant among various New York Times blogs and has a fairly good audience, indicating that the blog will continue to stay afloat.

Furthermore, we believe that this blog will probably be a part of NYT’s plans of growing International subscribers, which the company had said is a key component of its strategy for the forthcoming year. Note that India Ink has been kept outside the NYT paywall until now, although the company had termed it as an initial move during the site launch in 2011.

The New York Times had launched India Ink in September 2011, to offer news and analysis targeting the Indians, and those who follow news about India, abroad. The blog is edited by The New York Times in India and the International Herald Tribune (IHT) in Hong Kong.