Naukri Job Speak

According to‘s Job Speak Index, which is an indicator of job listings on its portal, the hiring activity in the Media sector (which includes Internet and Mobile sectors, according to the company’s classification) has increased by 6% in April 2013, when compared to the hiring activity in March 2013.

The Naukri Job Speak index for the sector stood at 1022 for April 2013, up 6% from 964 in March 2013 and up 15.6% from 884 in April 2012. The company noted that after January 2013, it has witnessed the highest hiring activity in April 2013. Note that the index uses the total number of jobs in July 2008 as a base (of 1000).

Naukri Media Job Speak Index

The overall Job Speak index stood at 1368 for April 2013, a 5% increase from 1304 in March 2013 and a 15% increase from 1193 in April 2012.

Sectors: Insurance, Telecom and Banking & Financial services sector witnessed the highest growth in hiring activity in April 2013, with the index increasing by 27%, 15% and 10% respectively during the month. The Software Services, ITES, Oil & Gas sectors grew by 6-7% during the month while Pharma and Capital goods sector witnessed a 6% and 5% dip respectively in April 2013.

Increasing Demand for Marketing & Advertising Professionals: Naukri informed that that the demand for marketing & advertising professionals and sales professionals saw the highest growth during the month, with the index increasing by 10% and 9% respectively during the month. The demand for ITES, Accounts, HR and Project Management professionals saw a 6-7% growth during the month, while Banking and Insurance professionals saw a 3% growth during the month.

City Wise: Delhi witnessed a 15% growth in hiring activity in April 2013 over March 2013, while Kolkata witnessed a 11% growth MoM, Chennai saw a 6% growth MoM and Bengaluru saw a 4% growth MoM. Pune however registered a 5% dip in its hiring activity during the month.

Experience: Hiring activity dipped by 1-3% for all experience levels except for 0-3 years experience levels which saw steady hiring activity in April-13 over March-13.

Download: Naukri JobSpeak Report For April 2013