shivkumar-nokiaD. Shivakumar, Nokia’s Operation Head, India, West Africa and Africa has quit the company after an eight year stint reports Economic Times. He will be with the company till June 30, 2013.

He leaves after a 17 month stint as the Operations Head, India, West Africa and Africa. Shivakumar joined the global team during the restructuring of Nokia’s global sales network in 2011. Apart from India, West Africa and Africa, the other new regions during this restructuring were the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. There appears to be no information of his future plans. However, he has informed Economic Times that he will not be associated with mobility, telecommunications or FMCG in his next professional endeavor. There also appears to be no information on who will be taking over this position from Shivakumar.

During his tenure with Nokia, Shivakumar was heading Nokia’s operations in about 90 countries and was based out of their regional headquarters in Dubai. Prior to assuming this global role in 2011, Shivakumar was the Operations Head of Nokia, India. Before joining Nokia India in 2006, he was heading the consumer electronics business of Philips.

Business Standard has an interview with Shivakumar following his exit. Some interesting points there:
– Hyper competition destroyed value for the telecom industry, and it lost 20,000-25,000 jobs in the past two-three years.
– Industry focus shifted from innovation to cost
– Companies fail globally because of arrogant leadership and an inability to learn and unlearn.
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Previous Developments

Shivakumar has quit at crucial time for Nokia. Globally, Nokia has finally made a turn around recording an operating profit of EUR 439 million ($585 million) in the quarter ending December 31, 2012 as compared to EUR 954 million ($1.27 billion) loss in the same quarter in 2011. Note that this profit was recorded after six consequent quarters of loss recorded by the company. However, Nokia still continues to struggle in its attempt to recapture its market share in India. In July 2012, P.Balaji took over as the new Head of Nokia, India. It is also worth noting that the Nokia India’s factory in Chennai was raided in Chennai earlier in January, 2013 will allegations of evasion of tax of around Rs.2500 to Rs.3000 crores, and from here on, the will be a significant amount of regulatory interaction required for Nokia.