quillpad-roamingRediff backed Tachyon Technologies, has launched a new Indic input service called Quillpad Roaming, which allows users to type in Indic language text on multiple websites, a service similar to Google’s which had introduced browser bookmarklets back in 2009.

To use the Quillpad Roaming, users have to first log in on to roaming.quillpad.in, and select a site for which transliteration has to be enabled. Following this, users are asked to register for a Quillpad account, and a bookmarklet is added to the users browser, and the right-click menu. F8 can be used to toggle between English and the language of your choice. To disable the mode, right click on the text area and disable Quillpad language mode.

Quillpad Roaming (beta)quillpad-roaming2


On Competition & Monetization

Speaking to Medianama about Quillpad Roaming, Ram Prakash, CEO & Founder of Tachyon Technologies said that this service has been launched in competition with Google transliteration. Previously, Quillpad could be used only websites that have licensed the technology while Google transliteration is freely available to consumers. He also added that Quillpad Roaming has also been launched to provide an seamless experience to the user where they don’t have type in one site, translate and copy paste the same into another. As for monetising this service, Ram Prakash mentioned that they are presently only focusing on adoption. They plan to monetise it only at a later point of time.

Other Indic Technology Companies:

In November 2012, KeyPoint Technologies had launched an alternative text input application called ‘Adaptxt‘ which intends to help users to type on their mobile quickly and accurately. The app offers keyboards for Android phones, Android tablets and Symbian phones. In November 2011, Robosoft had first mentioned about its Android app that was being built to support Indian languages. In April 2012, the app called Wiwos Super was launched by Robosoft in partnership with United Telecoms’ WIWO Mobiles. In 2009, Tachyon Technologies had also launched its mobile transliteration app. Reverie Technologies is also a player that has developed an indic language framework for various platforms. In 2011, Reveries Technologies was also the winner of QPrize winning $100,000 of Convertible Note funding.

Nikhil adds: Is this late or is this late? And you don’t have to sign up to use Google’s bookmarklet.