SaffronArt, art auction house has launched a new storefront, The Story for collectors reports The Story showcases selected works for sale grouped under a particular theme or story, including artworks, jewelry, film posters, time pieces and even unique accessories for the home. Unlike SaffronArt’s usual approach, The Story doesn’t have an auction model for purchasing collectibles: they are available directly for sale off the website. SaffronArt has gallery spaces in Mumbai, Delhi and New York, and offices in London and they have been auctioning art online since 2000.

The website’s home page displays New Collections, Collections Ending Soon and Current Collections. Moving the mouse over any of these collections, displays the number of days in which the collection ends.

Apart from the collections on the home page, collections can also be accessed through the collections menu that displays collections including the special collections by Cyrus Oshidar, Creative Director and Collector.The website also allows collectors to choose collections according to categories such as art, jewelry, books etc and also as gift for women, men and finally based on pricing.


The pricing of products range from Rs 2000 to over Rs 2 lakhs.

The Story by Saffronart

Bollywood’s Big B (Feb 19-Mar 12, 2013)-A collection of unique Amitabh Bachchan memorabilia - Saffronart

The Story as a Marketplace for memorabilia

People can also sell through The Story. They accept consignments in the following categories art, jewelry and watches, tribal and folk art and objects, memorabilia, stamps and coins, books and manuscripts, vintage automobiles, vintage interiors, and branded and designed products. People interested in selling on the platform need provide images, details of the object like when it was acquired, its current location along with authentication document if any. The site says that the SaffronArt team will take two to four weeks to verify and take a decision on the collection.


While The Story has positioned itself as a collectibles website with unique collectibles, there are other websites like the Crude Area that sell art online at affordable prices. Born out of India, Crude Area sells artwork of artists from India and around the world. It also provides a platform for artists to showcase and sell their artworks. The pricing of artworks on this website is based on the medium of the artwork. Canvas works are mostly available at an uniform price of Rs 3500, art prints at Rs 1750 and Framed Art Prints at Rs 2850. Crude Area has also been started as graphic art market place matching the tastes of the cosmopolitan, urban Indian. The Tree of Life is another platform that is trying to both offer unique collectibles and also provide a showcasing platform for artists to sell their artworks.