gslogoOnline astrology service has claimed that 53.46% of the total calls to its astrology line 55181 in the last quarter of 2012 were from male callers, while the remaining 46.54% of the total calls were from female callers.

The company also claims that the number of calls increased by 15% year-on-year (YoY) to 2.46 million calls (2,464,784) in 2012, from 2.08 million calls (2,085,442 calls) in 2011, while the number of minutes increased by 18% to 4.38 million minutes (4,385,707) in 2012, from 3.58 million minutes (3,586,024) in 2011.

Age-wise: Age-wise, the company says that 17% of the calls were received from people under the age of 20, while 32% of the callers were from age group of 21-30 years, 29% of the callers were from age group of 31-40 years and 22% of the callers were above the age of 40.

Segment Wise: According to the company, career and business related queries registered the highest growth in the number of queries for the past year. While career related queries increased to 0.38 million calls (381,636) and 0.67 million minutes (672,379), from 0.35 million calls (354,525 calls) and 0.54 million minutes (537,903), the business related queries stood at 0.48 million calls (479,443) and 0.84 million minutes (844,867) in 2012, up from 0.35 million calls (354,525 calls) and 0.68 million minutes (681,344).

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Personal related queries recorded the highest number of queries, registering 0.49 million calls (487,993) and 0.87 million minutes (867,818) in 2012, up from 0.42 million calls (417,088) and 0.72 million minutes (717,205) in 2011.

Marriage related queries stood to 0.42 million calls (421,885) and 0.74 million minutes in 2012, up from 0.35 million calls (354,525 calls) and 0.61 million minutes (609, 624) in 2011, while the love related queries increased to 0.24 million calls (239,826) and 0.42 million minutes (419,565) in 2012, up from 0.21 million calls (208,544) and 0.36 million minutes (358,602) in 2011.

Previous Developments

In September 2010, GaneshaSpeaks had launched an online radio station called The radio station offered 24 hour astrology related programming which included shows like Daily Darpan, Divine Darshan, Astro Advice, Sacred Numbers, Wellness, Health and Healing and Cosmic Call, among others.

Besides this, GaneshaSpeaks had partnered with Indian Express in August 2009 to provide astrology related information on Express India. It had also previously partnered with AOL in August 2009, to offer Astrology content on