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Twitter has launched a new ads API that will allow advertisers to run and manage ad campaigns through Twitter’s API partners and integrate them to their existing advertising strategies.

API Partners: The company has initially partnered with five companies as its API partners which includes Adobe, Hootsuite, Salesforce, SHIFT and TBG Digital and noted that it has been testing this API with its partners since January. However, it also mentions that it is currently evaluating the next round of partners for this program, which indicates that Twitter will be adding more number of companies to this programs in the near future.

Twitter currently provides a self-service ad solution which allows marketers to purchase various types of ad products like Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends among others, however this solution allows marketers to upload only one ad at a time, which can become a tiresome and time-consuming process for large ad campaigns.

However, the launch of this API will now enable Twitter’s API partners to offer more sophisticated tools to enable advertisers better target their promoted tweets to users and manage large ad campaigns easily. It will be quite interesting to see what type of partners will Twitter bring on board to this program in the future.

Certified Products Program: Besides this, Twitter also stated that its certified products program will also evolve to include ads products in the future  and the company will start certifying ad products that integrate with the Twitter Ads API. Twitter’s certified products program was launched in August last year and currently offers a curated list of products and services for businesses to solve their business needs. These include Analytics products like DataMinr, Sprinkr and SproutSocial among others, Data reseller products like DataSift, Gnip and Topsy and Engagement products like Adobe Social, Attensity, Exact Target, Hootsuite, Percolate, and Radian 6 among others.

Other Developments

Last month, Twitter had claimed that it had expanded its advertising teams and now has the capabilities to support advertisers and agencies in the US, UK, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. It had mentioned that 70% of the Twitter accounts are from outside the United States. It had also expanded its Certified products program the same month to include nine more companies in its program including SproutSocial, Adobe Social, and Percolate among others.

It had extended its Promoted products to mobile users, bringing promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to its Android and iOS apps in March 2012 and had added improved geo-targeting in September 2012 and gender-based targeting in October 2012.