It appears that Google has put its SMS Channels service in cold storage: I was just checking MediaNama’s SMS Channel, and noticed that the services have been suspended. Why? Because of a rise in Bulk SMS rates in India it appears. We’re probably a few months late with this info (goes to show how often we check our SMS channel subscription state), because it found a mention in the comments here in November last year, but we just thought it’s worth a mention that the service has been discontinued. This is the second service that Google has paused (really?) or discontinued in India: It shut down its voice search business back in April 2012.


Of course, the SMS channels do not deliver to the Do Not Call subscribers in India, so I haven’t received a message in years. We had 794 subscribers, but we’re not sure of how many of them were actually receiving SMS’ because many might have been on the DND registry.

What’s a little surprising is the indication that it is due to an increase in costs. The Indian telecom regulator had added a charge of Rs 0.05 for promotional SMS, which meant that you could probably send around 900 SMS’ for $1, but expand that across thousand of content sites and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of messages, I guess it does add up. However, we’re not sure if content SMS via Google would be treated as promotional messages. So what pushed Bulk SMS charges up? Have they even gone up?

Also note that shifting GTalk chats to SMS isn’t too expensive for Google. That, apparently, still works:


Google did take longer than MyToday to pull the plug on the SMS service. MyToday had shuttered its SMS service last year in January.

Some recommended reading, if you’re interested in what happened to SMS. Last year, we’d pointed towards the decline of SMS in India, and the growth of messaging services that use data as a bearer.

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