(By Brindaa Lakshmi and Nikhil Pahwa)
Reduce Data, a real-time advertising analytics and optimization platform started by Asif Ali, previously the co-founder of the ZestADZ mobile advertising network, which was acquired by Komli Media has secured an angel funding of $500,000 from private American investors. The company headquartered in U.S.A with a branch in Chennai, India is launching the platform in beta in both U.S.A and India. ReduceData has 12 people, of which five are in tech, three in sales; three members of the team are in the US, and the rest are in Chennai.

The platform aims to enable advertisers in independent audit and tracking of ad campaigns to get the required insights and recommendations that can help in optimizing their campaign spend.

The problem being addressed

Reduce Data in its news release has quoted some research which (helpfully) points towards advertisers buying “wrong audiences” (sic), as well as issues of “click frauds, inefficient targeting and retargeting.” The company believes that this platform allows advertisers to optimize their advertising spends.

What’s worth noticing is that the data is being tracked in real time, thus allowing advertisers to track campaign flows and users through campaign funnels, thus allowing insights on retention post campaign, funnels and comparisons, user flows and identification of user redundancies. Thus marketers can optimise their campaign while it is being delivered.

Product features:




Reduce Data’s website shows the following as the features of their product: analytics, insights, recommendations and viewable impressions. Apart from the usual features of impressions, clicks through, geographies, etc they also provide some interesting insights into track engagement of user including drop in engagement at specific points, etc.

The company says it has built “Ad Signature Rank”, which can systematically up-vote or down-vote campaigns and ads based on signatures of ads, and has user signatures across ad platforms and channels, understand user profiles, patterns and conversions across campaigns. The company says it intends to help advertisers automatically optimise their campaigns.

Data Collection

The company hasn’t specified how it collects audience data.

Other Data Players

The Smive-Vun group had launched PrecisionMatch at our #NAMA conference, using the Adobe Audience Manager data management platform. Pune based, Inventus Capital backed Sokrati is also launching an analytics based marketing platform.